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Lawyer Bureau "Professional"

  • "Professional" is one of the first independent private lawyer’s offices founded in Moscow in 1996.
  • The lawyer of the Bar have great experience in protection of interests of companies and enterprises as well as citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.
  • The Chairman of the Bar is Ms. Ludmila Kotesova, whose lawyer’s practice is 20 years.
  • Ms. Kotesova has experience in lawmaking. Several times she was elected as a deputy of regional Legislative Assembly, as the Deputy of the Federation Council of Federation Assembly of the first convocation, as the legal advisor of the 1st class, Expert of the Committee for International Affairs of the Council of Federation. The Lawyer’s Office “Professional” has it’s lawyers’ representatives in many regions: Magadan, Vologda, Habarovsk, Chukotka e.t.c. The basic means for achievement of clients’ tasks is the professionalism, not indifferent attitude to client’s problems, persistency and assuredness in any challenge.
  • The Lawyer’s Office (The Bar)“Professional” provides a wide range of services to Russian and Foreign businessmen, companies and to their families in:

- registration of enterprises, banks, Bank accounts in offshore companies, London, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria …
- compilation of contracts, agreements, memorandums of founders and shareholders.
- evaluation of business, securities, enterprises, real estate
- assistance on registration of real estate business, purchase and sales of land ( exchange, gift e.t.c.),
- debt collection, take part in execution activity, in protection of investor’s interests.
- protection in courts of arbitration, in the bodies of executive power, in international courts.
- consultations in civil, tax, customs, banking law e.t.c.
- participation in negotiations, conclusion and legal protection of business.

  • The lawyers provide protection in civil cases ( family- divorce- probate- labor cases, civil disputes).
  • The lawyers participate in protection of the suspected, the prosecuted, the accused and the condemned in all degrees of jurisdiction.
  • The lawyers protect clients in administrative cases, in disputes with customs authorities, land authorities, environment protection authorities.
  • If you are a foreigner, please use: (495) 387 69 74, mobile: 8 916 162 64 08. ( Denis Philippov, speaking English and German).